Step-Families of Daytime Television

Step-Families of Daytime Television

I am honored to have my short story, “Step-Families of Daytime Television,” featured in the inaugural issue of Hourglass Literary Magazine as an Editor’s Pick.

The current issue can be found here, along with general information about this publication.

Here is a short excerpt:

“One doesn’t venture to Davenport to craft sand castles or frolic in the waves, but simply to be awed by the inherent starkness of nature and the raw fierceness of a violent ocean. Also, that beach carries a long held notoriety for all-night bonfires, which is likely why dad felt a nostalgic longing to the place, as opposed to the gayer surf to the south. Nonetheless, the restlessness of the sea coursed through me as I beheld its frothy maw snapping shut around a saline mouthful of seaweed. I remember the mood of the place feeling melancholy that day, and the events that were to follow only affirmed my premonition. After that day, my brothers and I considered it an accursed place, and avoided the location earnestly. When I finally returned there many years later, riding in the back of my brother’s Ford, I left the place with an injury that would necessitate daily bus trips to the hospital for several weeks straight, wherein layers of my charred flesh were stripped away before the wound could be cleaned and redressed. That, however, is a separate narrative; Another jewel in my scant chest of treasure.”

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