Treasure such as this is surely

found but once a longing lifetime,

value beyond any measure,

beyond all but bravest reach.

Deeply is the secret hidden,

unknown to those timid lovers,

patiently awaiting they who

love with pure ferocity.


Oh, how wildly we’ve been toiling,

straining ev’ry aching muscle,

thundering our sacred promise

with each beat of truest hearts.

May this daily perspiration

fall to wet the dust beneath us,

softening the stubborn soil,

so our roots may flourish there.


Ever will I fight to loose the

clay of yesterday’s afflictions,

till my efforts break the seal of

fear which keeps me from my prize.

Someday when my work has won that

treasure from our well-turned garden,

there, I’ll place a seed of basil,

symbol of the trust we’ve raised.


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