Superheroes and Zombies


The following is an excerpt from a talk I recently gave. Given yesterday’s decision to retract our country’s pledge to meet the goals of the Paris climate accord, I’ve decided to share the message with a wider community. For those who can stomach its piquant, the full text can be accessed here.

The elite cabal who controls coal and oil have long since bought-out the first world governments. That used to be a dicey claim, but I feel the fact is well established at this point as a demonstrable truth. Put plainly, the world’s most powerful people have intentionally negated the future survival of our species in order to maximize personal wealth in their own lifetimes. It is an understatement to say this constitutes a vast global conspiracy. Since our governmental policies are crafted to serve, not the well being of the common people, but that of special interests, we can infer that the integrity of our foreign policy is just as lacking as that of our energy policy. The aptly named Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight than it’s been since the US began testing nuclear bombs in the 60’s. Is this the will of the people? The reality of our predicament looks like some comic book-inspired action film, in which an evil super-group is trying to destroy the world. Unfortunately, our caped hero seems reticent in arriving to save the day.


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