Paper Cuts

This poem is a reintroduction to the blog. It was previously removed to offer publishing priority to Voices Literary Magazine, who honored me by including “Paper Cuts” in their 2017 anthology, from whence I’ve included the amazing cover art by talented artist, Tae Kim.


Forgive me, i’ve been reading.

Bleeding proves but half as draining.

Raining words like daggers fall,

call across the turning sphere,

disappear, though, just before

lore of romance finds fruition.

Intuition washes over,

clover field or stinging nettle?

Settle down, or rise as vapor?


Paper notes can only cut

but half as deep as well-honed blending,

bending time and hollow space,

pace of turning pages.

Ages past since ties have severed,

endeavored to remove each finger,

linger, though, do taunting hands,

strands of plastic ticking slowly,

lowly is this wretched bleeding,

please forgive me, i’ve been reading.


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