I’ve climbed inside a seashell once,

to swim within the sea swell,

a notion without mooring called,

a song just like the roaring of an ocean.


I dived beneath the surface twice,

to deepen all my purpose,

each season’s lyric to alight,

a glance from each azure, sapphiric beacon.


They swam to me in schools of three,

like pools of leeward sea spray,

so, lift a seashell to the wind,

to play the three-word song which I have whispered.


9 thoughts on “Lighthouse”

      1. I used to read tons, from the most different genres. Now I mostly stick to what I like and love.

        Kind of sleepy, somehow. Goodnight, BB.


      2. Here, try this… not sure if it’s going to be sent straight to spam, so I’m gonna add a few spaces.

        heartbeatsblue. wordpress. com/2016/03/19/dove/

        Not everything has to be pretty and sad. Some things are just sh1t for the sake of being sh1t, but that doesn’t make them any less poetic. Trust me, I’m a teacher. You’re supposed to trust us, even if your trust is fake and you just don’t want bad grades.

        I want to read more poetry, I want a nice feed and your blog is way too new to just die.How old are you anyway? I’m going to guess late 20’s to early 30’s. We all know young people tend to be miserable more often despite the happiness brought by youth, and even if you’re old, sing for the days when your hair wasn’t so gray.
        Anyway, I’m going to leave you alone to think about your misfortunes — I’m sure you’re going to find a few, we all have many. Don’t be too postive as sadness feels worse next time hell starts. umm.

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