certainly, nobody

Certainly, Nobody

what is broken of this family

compels me

to let go of life.


that right is annulled

by what remains intact.

family, i am hurting.

is it possible i’ve wept?

what a month it has been.

oh hell,

what a decade.

it is possible I’ve wept,

tears such as my heart bleeding,

each day for ten years,

but who’s keeping score?

certainly, nobody.

bleeding alone in lamp light,

or in the dark of the sun,

but always.

what a pussy,

bleeding in a classroom,

and these words, too

cascade from me,

a spectacle.


who takes notice?

certainly, no one.

no anxious concern

surrounds this desk,

nor that darkish place

i call home.

where are they?

certainly, in repose,

at rest where fallen pieces scatter,

unsaid goodbyes, each and all.


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